Treating our patients with the highest standard of dignity and care

All our medical and dental volunteers are state/certified licensed providers

Hours: Tuesdays 5 pm – 8 pm, Fridays 9 am – 12 pm

For medical, dental, and behavioral health care call or text 509-470-2883.


New services

  • Free screening for diabetes and hypertension
  • Free diabetes education classes

Urgent care for minor injuries and illness

Assistance in medication management

Recommendations for follow up care

Referral to primary care providers

Referral to insurance application specialists

Fee $20 per visit

Behavioral Health Talks

We will begin Behavioral Health sessions in January 2022. If you would like to get signed up for one or all of them please call or text us at (509) 470-2883.

Topics include:

  • Addictions: Sex, Drugs, Gambling, and Chocolate.
  • Seeking A Steady State – PTSD
  • Understanding Manipulators and Helping Their Victims
  • Improving Communication
  • Understanding Anger
  • Managing Anxiety

All of the talks were recorded and are available for preview at the clinic. Please call to make an appointment.

Our licensed therapist available for individual counseling sessions beginning on Tuesdays, with appointments at 3:00, 4:00, and 5:00 pm. Please call for an appointment.

Fee is by donation


Assessment Fee – $15 (includes consultation, x-rays)

Urgent care – Fee $30 per extraction

  • Dental extractions (tooth pain, abscessed teeth, loose, cracked, or broken teeth)

Restorative treatment – Fee $65 per filling

  • Basic fillings
    • Patient MUST be screened before filling appointment is scheduled (see clinic hours)

Oral health education program (resuming soon)

  • Prevention program – free dental screenings, free personalized oral hygiene instruction, and free professional dental cleaning. This program is currently reserved for our referred dental patients.


  • Low income/working poor or unemployed, and under-insured.
  • Must be age 18 or older.

We cannot help with needs associated with

  • Emergencies (Call 911)
  • Narcotics or other controlled substances
  • Management of complex medical conditions
  • Healthy patient exams
  • General physicals
  • STI testing

“Everyone on staff is amazing and helpful. I came in anxious and nervous and left comfortable and out of pain. They are very knowledgeable.”

- Michael

“The clinic is clean, staff is very good, and all around wonderful. The volunteers talked with my husband to make him feel comfortable while I was being treated. 100% is the value of this clinic”

- Ann

“The staff are so friendly and professional and I would highly recommend their services.”

- Beau